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The Ministry of Communications is the organization in charge of proposing, and once it is approved, directing and controlling the State and Governmental policies for the Unique Communications System of the country. This system encompasses telecommunications, informatics, radio-communications, postal services, automatics for communication systems, radio spectrum management, technical and associated support assurance; preparing, in times of peace, the infrastructure and services required for national defense and safety.


We are an orderly and organized ministry, based on the development of telecommunications, information and communication technologies, and postal services, which fulfills its commitments to the people and the defense of the Homeland.

Shared Values

The values that identify us as an organization under the indisputable principle of being loyal to the Homeland, the Revolution, and Socialism. Our commitment to the people and our sense of belonging towards this sector is summarized in the following values:

Integrity: Expression of honesty, incorruptibility, thoroughness, endurance, and loyalty.

Rigor: Expression of severity, exactitude, precision, austerity, and meticulousness.

Industriousness: Expression of effort, study, eagerness, determination, vigour, and perseverance.

Modesty: Expression of decency, transparency, and humility.