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Message from the officials of the Ministry of Communications on the occasion of the National Rebelliousness Day

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26 julio
Dirección de Comunicación Institucional

Rebelliousness Day
The commemoration of the National Rebelliousness Day under the motto “July 26, Victory of the Ideas” encourages us once again to honor the heroic events of the assaults on the “Moncada” and “Carlos Manuel de Céspedes” garrisons in Santiago de Cuba and Granma respectively on July 26, 1953.
That was a historic day. They were young people full of life and courage who were completely aware of the need to liberate Cuba totally. The shots were not just fired against the soldiers or the military buildings, they were also fired against unfairness, poverty, illiteracy, the lack of the rights to Education and Health services, against electoral fraud, robbery, kidnappings, and murders that were tearing the people apart during the cruel capitalist period.
Sometimes we say that the Moncada assault of nowadays youth is such and such responsibility, this or that action, but it would be good if we were fully aware of what it means to recall those events and their protagonists. Currently, Cuba is full of different challenges that we will only be able to overcome together as a huge family in favor of progress and life, and being loyal to our principles and beauty. We must be the best possible, and make our best efforts to make improvements especially focused on the staffs.
The spirit of July 26 should be with us in every moment as an essential pillar to remain in the path of dignity, even when victory seems hard to achieve. Such determination, such strength and courage, almost mystical as a people, along with intelligence and unity must still lead us to new accomplishments, just like that generation did it five years, five months and five days after the assaults.
July 26 is also Fidel, the young and passionate man, the complete revolutionary that confirmed us the possibility of making our dreams come true. When we think about that day, about the events that took place it is inevitable to think of his leadership skills, which must remain with us.
July 26 must never be just a simple date or a ceremony. It is a symbol, it is part of the soul of Cuba and of each of us, and it reached its 67th Anniversary in a global context that has moved the world to prioritize their attentions in the face of the effects caused by COVID-19, particularly in the Caribbean. However, Cuba has proven what its Public Health system is worth and its capacity of helping any country in the world to heal and save human lives, and that is proof of the efficient implementation of public policies by the Cuban State and Government as an expression of the Revolution’s identity values.
In the fight against COVID-19 and in the effort to recover with victorious and safe steps, the workers from the communications sector have ensured the vitality of the sector’s work. Always respecting the sanitary measures enacted by the country, telecommuting or working at their usual work stations, reorganizing schedules and services in commercial and procedural offices, ensuring the stability of the system and creating capacities for data and telephony services, expanding the coverage of digital television, keeping radio and TV transmissions active, offering different postal services, distributing the printed press, enabling the infrastructure for the government, for e-Commerce and for IT Health services. Also, they have been participating in massive blood donation campaigns, in the inquiries in the communities, in the production of food and in the spread of the work done by the sector through social media and the institutional websites. They have also informed about the efforts made by the country to protect the health and the lives of our people in spite of the harsh and genocidal blockade ruthlessly and unfairly imposed by the USA, which has been intensified to weaken the resilience of the Cuban people.
Cuba firmly maintains the defense of its Revolution with historic awareness of the times we are living because Martí and Fidel are more present in the minds and hearts of the people who keep their resisting convictions under any circumstances imposed by the USA because we trust our own strengths, our potential and the daily work of the people as our pillars to support the reassurance about the continuity of their work and our victory.
The Revolution keeps moving forward in a new historical context, nothing and no one will be able to stop it. The example of the July 26 heroes and martyrs provides us with new strengths and convictions to lead the new phase of the recovery and face a more complex one under the effects of a prolonged international economic crisis.
Cuba and its Revolution grow stronger amidst the current situation, remembering, honoring and thanking the Centennial Generation, which paved the way of the permanent fight for freedom and independence with its lives and sacrifices.
In this new anniversary of the glorious and historical date of July 26, we congratulate our workers and transmit our trust to them on the fact that with the right attitude and dedication will not only match the results we had obtained, but also improve them and achieve what was agreed during the 7th Congress of the Cuban Communist Party, always believing that: We Will Recover and Succeed!
Eternal Glory to the Centennial Generation!
Long Live Fidel and Raul! Long Live the Cuban Revolution!
We Are Cuba! We Are Continuity!

Dirección de Comunicación Institucional
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