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Eng. Ernesto Rodríguez Hernández

Deputy Minister of Communications, Eng. Ernesto Rodríguez Hernández
Deputy Minister of Communications

Graduated as an Electronics Engineer from the University of Pinar del Rio, specializing in the area of Electronic Equipment and Components.

From 1993 to 2012, his professional endeavour was linked to Computer Science and Electronics Joven Clubs. At this institution, he held several positions: Technician, Facility Director, Provincial director, National Deputy Director, and National Director of IT Services. In January, 2010, he started to work in the communications sector because of the decision of turning Joven Clubs into budgeted units of the Ministry of Communications.

At the Ministry of Communications, he was appointed Director of Special Projects, and inside the new structure of the ministry, he was given the responsibility of becoming General Director of IT. This is the position that he is currently taking on with a high sense of responsibility, since the tasks that are related to this Directorate so demand it. The main guidelines of this area of the ministry are to coordinate and integrate the processes that contribute to the informatization of society, and to the development and evolution of the national IT industry.

He also possesses two Master of Science (MSc) degrees in Management of Communications and IT -EOI America- Censai, 2001-2002; and New Educational Technologies, ISPJAE, 2005-2007.

Currently Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Communications.

Account on Twitter: @Ernesto_RHdez