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Joven Club launches three video-games to have fun and learn in the Summer

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Source: Website of CubaDebate

The Computer Science and Electronics Joven Club launched three video-games today as part of the activities that this organization is carrying out to celebrate the start of the Summer. Entertainment, art and knowledge are mixed in this new proposals whose target audience are the children, although they can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Fighting COVID-19
The first of the three games, Combatiendo la Covid-19 (Fighting COVID-19), is a video-game based on the classic Parchís game. In it, the players will be able to learn essential facts about the pandemic and pieces of advice about how to remain safe. It features four levels and several boards, Combatiendo will be able to be played individually or in competitive pairs.

Joven Clubs Institutional Communication Director, Alexander Díaz Meriño, told Canal USB that This video-game is aimed at providing children, youngsters and adults with healthy fun and teach them as they advance how to act responsibly in every phase of the pandemic, and also how they can protect themselves from COVID-19.
Ludox Coloreando is a game that focuses on colors, and the children will have to color the sketches of Ludoxs characters. They will be able to use the same colors as in the original picture or experiment with new combination of colors.
The third games name is Dana, and it focuses on a young girld that designes and sews her own clothes. Her friend, who calls herself the model girl, sets challenges for her to beat as fast as possible. Dana combines her designs with iconic locations from the Cuban capital.
To know more about the games you can check the news article by CubaDebate on the following link:

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