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The International Forum on the Use of ICTs for Peaceful Purposes took place in Cuba

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The International Forum on the Use of ICTs for Peaceful Purposes took place in Cuba
Dirección de Comunicación Institucional del Mincom

The International Forum on the Use of ICTs for Peaceful Purposes took place in Havana, from July 8th to 10th, 2019. Several experts from 21 different countries participated in it.

This event, which was organized by the Cuban Ministry of Communications, is aimed at enhancing coordination and joint cooperation among States in order to fight the misuse of information and communication technologies for criminal purposes.

During the opening ceremony, the First Deputy Minister of the Communications Ministry, Wilfredo González Vidal, highlighted the importance of this occasion in the context of the informatization of society, which is currently happening in the country, in spite of the unfair blockade and Chapter III of the Helms-Burton Act that the United States imposes on the Greatest Island of the Caribbean.

Meanwhile, Oleg Khrámov, Undersecretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, called for equitable use of technology, for international collaboration and the prevention of malicious propaganda to intervene in the internal affairs of nations.

On the first day, Andrey Krutskikh, the special representative of the Russian president for international cooperation in the field of information security, gave a keynote speech on his country's strategic approaches to strengthening international information security.

In addition, he commented on the attribution of efficiency to the international negotiating process regarding the strengthening of international information security, as well as the responsible behavior rules of States in cyberspace.

It is a threat that 'online' incidents could become 'offline' situations that threaten the economic social process that also depends on ICTs, in a world where more and more crew-less transportation means and intelligent cities are seen every day, said Krutskikh.

Among the most outstanding topics in the forum is the role and responsibility of States in the international governance of the Internet, its security, continuity and operational stability, as well as the protection of critical infrastructures against threats related to ICTs.

The agenda included discussion on confronting the use of information and communication technologies for criminal purposes and controlling the reliability and security of information and communication technology products.

The participants also called for the enforcement of international law and the United Nations Charter for the Use of Information and Communication Technologies for Peaceful Purposes and for the establishment of multilateral international mechanisms that guarantee an equitable distribution of resources, facilitate access for all and ensure the stable and secure operation of the Internet.

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