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As of February 1st, the individuals connected to the Joven Club wireless network will be charged for that service

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The Computer and Electronics Joven Club (JCCE) has been working since June 2019 to bring IT services closer to Cuban homes, a possibility that grew with the implementation of resolutions 98 and 99 of the Ministry of Communications regarding the radio spectrum. As part of the process of reorganizing the use of wireless technology, legal and natural persons can have local networks for Wi-Fi access, and interconnect these through public operators with authorized licenses. This project, focused on entertainment, enjoyment and knowledge, features the advantage that individuals can enjoy various services (access to Joven Club products, instant messaging, national e-mail, online games, among others) from their homes. Since its implementation this service was free for all users with the condition that when it became more stable, with an optimal service provision for users, it would be charged at a low price. Currently there are more than 28,000 users connected throughout the country enjoying the services offered by Joven Club for the enjoyment of all. Once the country was immersed in the process of organizing the economy and seeing the results of the service, it was decided that it would begin to be charged as of February 1, 2021. As of that date, users will be able to pay the fee on a monthly basis, or if they wish they can pay in advance for up to 1 year of service. The fee to be paid will be 20.00 Cuban pesos per month. In the first 3 months, from February to May, users can pay for the service in two ways: directly at the facilities, with the instructor in charge of the services, or by recharging their Joven Club user account through Transfermóvil. As of June, payment will be made only through the country's existing e-Payment gateways. The entity will work to ensure that users continue to receive a quality service with better offers of products and that payment channels are improved for the convenience of users.

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